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Anti-Acorn Mom's Oak Tree Claims Debunked By Nut-Allergic SUN News Reporter?


On Thursday, TheBlaze told you about a mother in Vaughan, Canada, bent on ensuring that oak trees near her kid's school be cut down. The odd action is being requested due to the woman's fears that fallen acorns pose a risk to children with severe nut allergies. But, in a unique news experiment conducted just a few days ago, the concerned mother's fears may have been invalidated.

Donna Giustizia, the woman who has spawned debate, attracted widespread media attention this month, as some have questioned just how dangerous acorns -- which are rarely consumed in North America -- are to those who have life-threatening reactions to nuts. Despite the uncertainty and reportedly low risk, she has maintained her fears over the damage that these trees could create.

While numerous experts have weighed in of late to say that the tree nuts, themselves, likely aren't a danger if they are merely touched, SUN News staffers decided to test the theory out for themselves. So, they sent the network's social media reporter, Gina Phillips (who has severe nut allergies) down to a local park to pick up the acorns and test out Giustizia's theory.

Did she react to the acorns during the experiment? Did the tree nuts prove to be the dastardly danger that Giustizia has claimed? While the reporter didn't test the mother's other argument -- that acorns "can also be used to bully and torment children," the allergy findings are worth checking out.

Watch the SUN News segment below to see what happened to Phillips:



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