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It's About Fulfilling Your Destiny: Founder of 'Life Without Limbs' Tells Beck His Inspiring Life Story


In the wake of what has been weeks of disheartening news, Glenn Beck took a moment on Friday to meet Nick Vujicic, star of the short independent film, "Butterfly Circus," and discuss his extraordinary life story. Vujicic was born with amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs. Nonetheless, despite his struggles, the Australian-born author, performer and motivational speaker has gone on to achieve great heights.

Living up to the title of his book, "Unstoppable," Vujicic has, with the nurturing and support of a loving family, gone on to lead a life those with few to no impediments only dream of.

He spoke of his trials being brought up in a devout Christian home led by his pastor-father, and of questioning God over his disability. Through it all, Vujicic, who is founder of "Life Without Limbs, found meaning and purpose in life and has now set out to help others surmount their own difficulties.

Watch the inspirational interview below:

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