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O'Reilly calls WaPo 'a disgrace' to journalism


On his Fox News program last night Bill O'Reilly responded to an editorial by the Washington Post last week that called his worldview "contemptuous and contemptible."

"You disgrace the journalism industry, you seek to demonize anyone who disagrees with your far left view," O'Reilly said, addressing the Post through the camera. "Am I being clear enough?"

In its editorial the Post tied election night comments O'Reilly made about the "white establishment" now being "the minority" to Mitt Romney's "gifts" remark. "It’s encouraging that many Republicans are repudiating the contemptuous, and contemptible, O’Reilly-Romney worldview," the Post said.

O'Reilly continued on his show: "Here's what's really contemptible -- you guys spinning an honest look at the vote as a diatribe against poor people and minorities. That's what's contemptible."

The Post's editorial was one of many criticisms of O'Reilly's election night comments. He addressed those separate critiques in an earlier episode. He said he wasn't "lamenting" the decline of the "white establishment," so much as he was "stating sage opinion."

[h/t The Hill]

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