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Alleged Psycho Cannibal Cop Planned to Enjoy Some 'Girl Meat' on Thanksgiving


"depraved, bizarre, aberrational"

[Author’s note: Portions of this story are disturbing and readers are advised to proceed with caution.]

Gilberto Valle (Facebook)

Remember that terrible story about that New York City police officer who was arrested in October for plotting to kidnap, murder, and cannibalize at least 100 women?

Well, he’s back in the news.

Why? Because it was revealed yesterday in court that he actually discussed with one of his co-conspirators his plans to enjoy some “girl meat” on Thanksgiving Day.


Prosecutors say Gilberto Valle made the remark in an online chat in February with an unidentified man. They read the transcript during Valle's bail hearing Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

Valle was quoted as saying that while Thanksgiving was still a long way off, he was getting a plan in motion to abduct a woman for the meal.

His lawyer has said the alleged plot was pure fantasy.

“I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus … cook her over low heat, keep her alive as long as possible,” Valle allegedly wrote in one online exchange in July, according to the complaint against him.

The original complaint, including his correspondences with co-conspirators (“CC1” and “CC2”) can be seen here [Author’s note: Again, we advise readers to proceed with caution. The details of Valle’s plans are deeply, extraordinarily disturbing].

The judge on Tuesday denied bail, calling Valle's behavior "depraved, bizarre, aberrational." He set the trial for Jan. 22.

Valle has pleaded not guilty.


A search of Valle’s computer by authorities found he had created records of at least 100 women with their names, addresses and photos. Some of the information came from his unauthorized use of a law enforcement database, authorities said.

Thankfully, no women were actually harmed.

Exit Question: Again, how did Valle manage to pass the psyche exam?

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