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F** Pimp,' 'Filthy Pervert!': Westboro Clashes With Gay Men on Set of Russell Brand's TV Show


"God hates f**s."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Russell Brand is known for many things. Actor. Comedian. Talk show host. Husband (for a brief time) to singer Katy Perry. The list goes on. Recently, the entertainer invited two controversial individuals to appear on his FX show, "Brand X" -- Westboro Baptist Church's Steve Drain and Tim Phelps (founder Fred Phelps' son).

Russell Brand with Westboro's Steve Drain (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Donning a shirt that read, "PriestsRapeBoys.com," Drain launched right into Brand, calling him "an advocate for sin." Phelps, too, had little positive to say about the host.

The two Westboro members brought with them one of the infamous posters (they frequently use offensive, anti-gay messaging at protests). The sign featured an image of brand with flames behind him and the words, "F** Pimp Brand."

Brand holds up the sign made for him by Westboro (Photo Credit: YouTube)

"You make your living making a mockery of sin," Phelps told Brand, going on to speak directly to the audience. "In fact, since you promote sin, you hate all these kind people in your heart. That's why he applauds your sins -- because he hates you all."

Brand attempted to defend himself, while also listening intently. It didn't take long for the Westboro congregants to issue their famous line: "God hates f**s." When the audience reacted and some spoke out against the men, Brand quipped, "One at a time. You will all get a chance to speak -- in hell!"

Gay men clash with Westboro on Brand's FX show (Photo Credit: FX/YouTube)

The situation became particularly intense when Brand brought three gay men onto the stage. Drain and Phelps quickly clashed with them, with the latter yelling, "You're a filthy pervert!" One of the men attempted to explain that, despite his sexuality, he is a Christian.

In the end, Brand attempted to debunk the men's tactics, claiming that Jesus' message wasn't one of hate; instead, he dubbed it one of "tolerance and love and truth and beauty and acceptance."

Watch the chaotic clip, below:

(H/T: Gawker)

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