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Former TV 'Top Model' Judge Goes on Race-Based Allen West Rant: 'You Are an Embarassment to Blacks


"Coon Minstrely Theatre!"

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Former Vogue editor and "America's Next Top Model" judge Andre Leon Talley went on a scathing, race-based rant against former Florida Congressman Allen West Tuesday morning, saying he is "an embarrassment to blacks" and that his mother "must be ashamed" of him.

"Coon Minstrely Theatre!" Talley wrote, adding that West's "barks" are "sad."

West conceded his House race Monday after weeks of recounts, in one of the most hotly-contested and expensive races in the country.

Here is a screen shot of Talley's tweets, via Talley's verified Twitter account:

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The fashion guru appears to have an interest in politics, and wrote that he was "crying alone" in his bedroom after Obama won earlier this month, presumably out of joy.

"We have won..." Talley wrote on Twitter. "I can go out and face my future."

(Photo: Twitter/@OfficialALT)

And this is not the first time Talley has tweeted about West.  On November 10, when West's Florida race was still being contested, Talley told him to "walk quietly into the sunset instead of being a bully who lacks the grace of a black man, who is defeated."

He also told West to start "filing" (his spelling) in for Fox, after saying that "even" Republican John Boehner would laugh at the idea of Paul Ryan being on television:

(Photo: Twitter/@OfficialALT)

A number of prominent elected officials in Washington have been crying "racism" in recent days over Republican objections to Ambassador Susan Rice's potential nomination as Secretary of State.  They allege that her detractors use unacceptable racist "code words" when discussing her job history and qualifications.

Allen West is the most recent black Republican to suffer a barrage of actual racist words from his critics on the Left.

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