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1,462 Bags': Watch Crazy Utah Trio Attempt Epic Leap Into 'World's Biggest Pile of Leaves


"It contains every single leaf in Utah."


WELCOME to Logan, Utah, where it seems there's not a lot else to do but leap off buildings onto massive piles of leaves.

Logan is also the scene of one of the latest organised viral videos to hit our screens.

We have to say, however, for a group of pranksters these guys have planned out this stunt meticulously.

Huffington Post:

These buddies went to great lengths to form a ginormous leaf pile -- including renting a large moving van to bring 1,000 bags of leaves to a house.

The leaf pile stands a whopping 17 feet tall and 60 feet around. And it does get shorter with each person that jumps onto it from the rooftop above.

(h/t LaughingSquid)

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