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Mirror Fail: Florida State Fan Accidentally Face Paints Support for 'USF

(Image: Deadspin)

Getting recognition on a live TV is many a football fan's dream -- after their team winning of course. One Florida State University fan might be a tad embarrassed by her own ESPN debut though.

(Image: Deadspin)

In a screenshot from the Seminoles game against University of Florida Saturday, Deadspin shows that this fan forgot how tricky it can be to use a mirror to apply face paint. Instead of writing "FSU" on her heavily painted face, she brushed on "USF." Notice how the "S" and the "F" are backwards as well.

Although in the image she seems happy about her team, we can only guess whether she'd be more upset by the final score -- Florida beat State 37-26 -- or by her own gaffe, if someone pointed it out to her. After all, if no one mentioned it, when she would have looked in the mirror before wiping off her support she still would have seen her face paint as spelled correctly.

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)

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