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Controversial Painting at College Art Gallery Depicts Obama as Crucified Christ With Crown of Thorns


"My First Amendment rights should override someone's hurt feelings."

A painting that depicts President Barack Obama as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns around his head and his arms outstretched like Christ himself when he was crucified is currently on display at a community college art gallery in Boston, Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes reports.

The painting is featured in a larger exhibit at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery titled "Artists on the Stump – the Road to the White House 2012." The controversial painting will reportedly remain on display until Dec. 15. The painting is actually called "Truth."

(Michael D’Antuono)

The artist, Michael D'Antuono told Fox News that his "First Amendment rights should override someone's hurt feelings."

"We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves," he said.

D'Antuono blasted the conservative media for "trying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior."

“The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically…My intent was not to compare him to Jesus," he added.

And in response to the barrage of roughly 4,000 angry emails, the artist says he respects "their right to express themselves" and hopes they will afford him the same right.

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