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Pastor Rick Warren Laments Deification of Obama: 'Blasphemy' & 'Sent Shivers Up My Spine


"Think about all the promises that were made four years ago. None of them were fulfilled."

Rick Warren, the well-known author and pastor of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, has some major concerns surrounding what he views as a deification of President Barack Obama. Specifically commenting on actor Jamie Foxx calling Obama "our Lord and savior," Warren said that these acts of building the president up to be a God-like figure constitute "blasphemy."

"That sent shivers up my spine," Warren said of Foxx's comment. "There’s a word for that – it’s called blasphemy. It’s wrong."

While some may dismiss the Foxx clip as an anomaly -- or a joke, even -- numerous examples of the deification of Obama have unfolded of late. A controversial painting by artist Michael D’Antuono depicts the president being crucified. And, near the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina, earlier this year, there were pieces of artwork being sold that also seemingly likened Obama to Christ. These are only two examples.

Pastor Rick Warren (Photo Credit: AP)

The deification of any idol, according to the faith leader, is inappropriate. Warren explained that such actions are explicitly forbidden by the first two commandments (i.e. Ten Commandments).

"Think about all the promises that were made four years ago. None of them were fulfilled," said the preacher, who typically avoids partisan statements.

Among those pledges, Warren pinpointed Obama's 2008 promise to bring the nation together, while simultaneously bringing about "hope" and "change."

"It’s more divided now than it’s ever been. That’s disappointing," he continued. "Any human leader -- conservative or liberal -- is going to disappoint you at some point."

Warren went on to encourage individuals to put their faith in "things that never change." Rather than relying upon politicians like Obama, he clearly meant that human beings should place their reliance upon a higher power.

(H/T: Fox News' Todd Starnes)





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