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Hannity: 'Handful' of condoms available at NYC bars


On Fox News last night Sean Hannity bemoaned TIME magazine's inclusion of Sandra Fluke as a potential choice for its "Person of the Year."

Fluke became a symbol of feminism last year after speaking before Congress members in support of increased availability of contraceptives. Her profile was further raised after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut."

"It's $9 a month at Wal-Mart for birth control if women want to get birth control pills," Hannity said. "You can go online, get all the condoms you want. You go to a bar in New York City, they're for free. Just take a handful on your way out. Planned Parenthood gives these things out as well and supposedly to needy women and that's in part funded with tax-payer dollars. Do you think she should be woman of the year?"

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