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Which Gov't Agencies Have the Most and Least Satisfying Jobs? Survey Tells All


Guess where the National Archives ranks...

Each year, the federal government's Office of Personnel Management surveys its employees (as many as it can get to take the survey) to gauge job satisfaction.

With this Employee Viewpoint Survey comes a ranking of the most satisfying government agencies to work in -- and the least. We've pulled out the top 10 of each.

The number in parenthesis after each agency is the score it received on the "job satisfaction index."

NASA was ranked the most satisfying agency to work for in the federal government. (Photo: AP/Damian Dovarganes)

Most Satisfying

  1. NASA (74)
  2. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (73)
  3. Office of Management and Budget (72)
  4. National Credit Union Administration (72)
  5. Department of State (71)
  6. Federal Trade Commission (70)
  7. General Services Administration (70)
  8. Department of Commerce (69)
  9. Office of Personnel Management (69)
  10. Railroad Retirement Board (69)

Least Satisfying 

  1. National Archives and Records Administration (59)
  2. Broadcasting Board of Governors (61)
  3. Department of Homeland Security (61)
  4. Securities And Exchange Commission (62)
  5. Department of Housing and Urban Development (63)
  6. Department of Veterans Affairs (64)
  7. National Labor Relations Board (64)
  8. National Science Foundation (64)
  9. Department of Education (64)
  10. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (65)

According to a press release about the results, which became available earlier this month, a record number of employees responded to this year's survey.

"These results show that federal employees continue to be as dedicated to their agencies, their mission, and to public service as ever before," OPM Director John Berry said in the press release. "Agencies can learn a lot from the greater detail and granularity in this year's report and I know that this survey will be used to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and better serve the American people."

Among other results, 80 percent of employees reported liking what they do for the government and understanding how it relates to their agency's goals. The press release stated that almost all responding employees said they thought their work was important.

Did any of the most or least satisfying surprise you? Let us know in the comments.

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