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At Last: A Video of Alan Simpson (of Simpson-Bowles) Making Fun of Millennials & Dancing 'Gangnam Style


"Stop Instagraming your breakfast."

The Can Kicks Back, a non-partisan organization dedicated to educating Millennials about the national debt, on Tuesday released a video of former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson (of “Simpson-Bowles” and “I Hope Grover Norquist Drowns” fame) admonishing young Americans for not using social media to more productive ends.

He even does that ridiculous “Gangnam Style” dance with a guy in a giant can costume.

No, really:

Best line of the whole thing: “Stop Instagraming your breakfast.”

Now there’s a Simpson proposal we can get behind. Let's be honest: No one cares what you ate for breakfast and a grainy, half-focused photo isn't going to change that.

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