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Fed-Up Homeowner Catches Thief in the Act With Homemade Security System


The homeowner was able to send photos of the thief to police in real time. (Photo: WTEV47)

A Florida homeowner who had been robbed twice before finally got fed up with having his belongings stolen, and ginned up his own improvised security system.

To the surprise of many, it actually worked.

Contrived using just an old computer, a couple of cameras and a motion detector, its brilliance lies in its simplicity.

WTEV47 continues:

On November 29th, the homeowner called 911 telling the operator someone was breaking into his house.

The homeowner told the 911 operator that he received an "email" that his home camera motion sensor went off and that someone was actively breaking into his home.

This was confirmed by a photo of the unknown suspect that was in his residence, being transmitted to his phone.

Deputies were immediately dispatched and upon arrival found a white male, Charles Futch, III leaving from the residence.

The homeowner was able to provide pictures from his home security cameras that show the suspect in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom areas of the residence.

Futch was arrested and later admitted to the crime.  [Emphasis added]

It's not clear whether Futch was related to the previous robberies, but he has been charged with larceny, burglary and one misdemeanor of property damage/criminal mischief, according to WTEV47.

The relatively simple security device allowed the homeowner near-instant access to his home which, at robbery number three, was invaluable.

Here's some of the video of the intruder, via WTEV47:



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