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Man's Roof Collapses During Live TV Interview...And He Still Thanks God for His Blessings


"It's horrible.  But these things can be replaced."

(Photo: WIAT)

(Photo: WIAT)

An Alabama man was speaking with a news crew about a tornado that blew through the area earlier this week, when a massive rumbling from inside the house grabbed everyone's attention.

"As I was turning the key to open the door, I could see the funnel cloud coming toward the house...[it] had furniture, debris, all kinds of things in the funnel cloud, and it was coming toward the house..." Clint Thornton told the news crew, explaining how he and his family sought shelter and started praying during the disaster.

Then, the sound of a woman screaming interrupted his explanation.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Thornton repeated, grabbing hold of something as he saw the roof of his home begin to collapse on his family.

As things settled and voices emerged from inside, he yelled, "Y'all ok?  Y'all ok?  Y'all alright?"

Watch the unbelievable raw video, via the Associated Press, below:

After making sure everyone was safe, Thornton asked the cameraman if he was still recording.  When the cameraman said yes, Thornton tried to pick up the earlier interview where he left off, with a shake of his head at the circumstances.

"It was by the grace of God that He kept us," he said.

"Your roof just collapsed!" the cameraman couldn't help but interject.

Thornton laughed, agreeing: "It just collapsed, and it's still coming down.  It's horrible.  But these things can be replaced."

When the cameraman asked how the destruction of their home would affect Christmas, Thornton replied evenly: "It gives us a praise like never before."

Watch the entire WIAT interview, via CNN, below:

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