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Penn Jillette: Jon Stewart 'biting' Bill O'Reilly 'in the butt' in 'war on Christmas


In CNN.com, comedian and culture commentator Penn Jillette wishes everyone a "merry atheist Christmas."

He also takes Fox News' Bill O'Reilly to task over the so-called "war on Christmas." Jillette writes:

Bill O'Reilly talks about atheists and left-wing loons ruining Christmas for children.

He also says that Christianity is a philosophy, which might have seemed like a sleek move on live TV, but ... I'm thinking he's noticed by now Jon Stewart is biting him in the butt.

O'Reilly finds evidence for the war in atheist groups opposing Nativity scenes on government property and their discomfort with public school students having to opt out when their classes go to a church to see a Charlie Brown Christmas play. Bill is also ticked off by businesses urging their employees to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." He doesn't want the holidays turned secular. He wants his Christmas pure. Pure as the Christian philosophy. But he could learn strategy to win the war on Christmas from the Monkees and their '60s TV show. They're on a reunion tour (sadly without Davy Jones, but miraculously with Mike Nesmith.) ...

Think about it, Bill. Many people wanted to keep rock 'n' roll pure. Hardcore fans scoffed at the Monkees. They wanted to ensure electric guitars were only for rebels, but the Monkees got the feeling and beat out there to the children.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart famously mocked Fox News for its "war on Christmas" coverage earlier this month.

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