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Real News:' Michigan Right-to-Work and Union Protests Highlight Deep Divide Still Among Americans


While the goal of elections is to come to a conclusion and establish a mandate, American politics and government seems divided as ever at this year's close. In Washington, Republicans and Democrats appear at a stand still on taxes, debt and the Fiscal Cliff, and in Michigan this week we've seen the wheels in motion again for major protests from big labor-- like Wisconsin last year--as the Republican-controlled legislature and governor have pushed through "right-to-work" laws. This past November Michiganders opposed a proposition by 18 points that would have made public and private sector union collective bargaining rights an amendment to the state constitution. As Republicans have now passed and signed right-to-work laws that no longer force workers to pay union dues or lose their job, Michigan Democrats say "there will be blood" and big labor says expect "civil war."

Deep political polarization and divide amongst Americans looks to be repeating itself in Obama term two, like term one. On 'Real News' Wednesday the panel was joined by Glenn Beck to discuss how we can find common ground on issues and avoid further political animosity.

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