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Wilkow and Guests Discuss New Candidate Pledge to Reduce Government Spending


The Coalition to Reduce Spending was founded earlier this year with the mission to research and advocate for reduced federal spending and a balanced budget. The fiscally conservative advocacy group is new in town, with a pledge of their own for candidates for public office:

I, ____________________, recognize that the national debt and unsustainable level of government spending pose a critical threat to the prosperity and security of the United States.

Therefore, I pledge to the citizens of my state and to the American people that, except when related to a congressional authorization of force, I will:

ONE, not vote for any budget that is not balanced nor for any appropriations bill that increases total spending; and

TWO, consider all spending open for reduction, and not vote to authorize or fund new programs without offsetting cuts in other programs; and

THREE, not vote to increase borrowing or the debt ceiling.

Signed: ____________________

The coalition president Jonathan Bydlak and board of advisors member Peter Schiff joined 'Wilkow!' Thursday to discuss the Fiscal Cliff, the scope of our long-term financial and entitlement problems, and how Republicans are neglecting the ability of the Federal Reserve and Treasury to borrow more and more to finance massive spending.

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