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This Video Shows What's Thought to Be the Largest Iceberg Collapse Ever Caught on Film


"Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

A documentary covering how climate change is altering the Arctic landscape has captured what's being called the "largest iceberg calving ever filmed," according to The Guardian.

"Chasing Ice" was put together from material taken while filmmaker and environmental photographer James Balog was on assignment in the Arctic for National Geographic to capture how climate change was impacting ice. This year, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported Arctic ice shrank to record lows, which was attributed by experts to both global warming and natural causes.

Regardless of your views of global warming -- man-made or not -- the sights (and sounds) in the footage featured by The Guardian for the documentary, which can be seen in select theaters now, is stunning. The Guardian reported one researcher calling it "Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The team waited weeks to capture footage like this. The final result was 7.4 cubic kilometers of ice breaking from the Ilulissat glaciar in Greenland. 

Check it out (Warning: Some strong language):

If you found this footage of the iceberg calving fascinating, be sure to check out this glacial avalanche that caused boat-rocking waves in an article by TheBlaze here.

As for Balog capturing such footage for "Chasing Ice," the documentary's synopsis states that he had to battle technology that hadn't been tested in such subzero conditions and realized his own mortality on while on the mission as well.

"It's not the nicest environment for technology," Balog said in the trailer.

The film was directed and produced by Jeff Orlowski and has already been showcased at film festivals and won several awards.

Here's the trailer for the film, which includes part of the clip showcased by The Guardian:

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