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Joseph Curl, conservative columnist for the Washington Times and co-editor of the Drudge Report, writes today that higher tax rates are coming and voters deserve it:

[T]ime to suck it up and own it, America (or at least the 51 percent of you that voted for Mr. Obama). The consequences of the 2012 election are coming — higher taxes for everyone. And that, you 62 million-plus people, is just what you voted for, whether you like it or not.

Let’s linger here a moment: Yes, America, YOU VOTED FOR HIGHER TAXES! During his four-year campaign for re-election, the president never said a word about cutting spending. He still doesn’t plan any, even in the 11th hour of fractious debate over the “fiscal cliff” (USA Today on Thursday: “The president is not seeking any immediate spending cuts”). ...

Make no mistake, both sides are to blame. The government has, over the last decade, grown almost entirely dysfunctional. There is no longer any sense of reality within the halls of Congress, where elected lawmakers spend money faster than the IRS can collect it. Neither Republicans nor Democrats hesitate in the slightest to spend more than taxpayers send in — massive deficits exploded during the two George W. Bush terms, from $420 billion in 2002 to $1 trillion in 2008; Mr. Obama’s deficits have averaged $1.5 trillion.

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