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Christian Radio Host Who Eerily Predicted His Own Motorcycle Accident Dies -- And Here Is His Last Email Exchange With TheBlaze


"...like most God-fearing Americans, I love to hate the Yankees."

Photo Credit: PastoreCentral.com

On Monday, KKLA, a California-based Christian radio station, announced that popular host Frank Pastore, 55, died following a tragic motorcycle accident on Nov. 19. While certainly saddening, the story surrounding his injury is also eyebrow-raising. After falling into a coma, the theologian and radio host made headlines for on-air comments he issued just before the accident -- statements that eerily predicted, in detail, the trauma he was to sustain.

As TheBlaze previously reported, the recording, put out by KKLA with the blessing of Pastore’s wife, Gina, includes the host talking about the human soul. After speaking about science’s attempt’s of late to address this issue, Pastore talks specifically about his motorcycle and the dangers he could face at any moment.

Radio host Frank Pastore (Photo Credit: PastoreCentral.com)

“Isn’t it interesting [that] secular science is addressing the question, ‘Does man have a soul? Is there such a thing as immaterial reality?’ And it’s couched in the category of ‘is there life after death?,” Pastore said just three hours before his accident.

Following this statement, he went on to note that, at any time, life could end. It was the illustration he used, though, that sent chills down the spines of many listeners and readers after they learned about his injuries. Here's what Pastore said:

"I mean look, you guys know I ride a motorcycle don’t you? So, at any moment, especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, alright, without any blinkers, not that I’m angry about it, but at any minute I could be spread out all over the 210 (Freeway), but that’s not me, that’s my body parts. That key distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian worldview and also your pursuit of reality."

Just three hours later, these events came to pass. Pastore seemingly outlined the very highway that his accident would take place on — and the events leading up to it — just before it unfolded. A car sideswiped his motorcycle after the driver swerved into the carpool lane on the 210 Freeway. After nearly one month in a coma, Pastore passed away.

Listen to Pastore's prophetic audio message, below:

Over the past few months, TheBlaze has been speaking with the host and I appeared on his radio show on October 24. We discussed politics (as the election was just days away), faith and more (listen here). While I didn't know Frank well, it was clear that he had an excellent sense of humor, passion for the Christian faith and an intense devotion to his listeners.

The week before I appeared on his KKLA radio program, we exchanged some comical e-mails. On Oct. 18, Pastore wrote me with a very quick message: "How ‘bout dem Yankees?"

Photo Credit: PastoreCentral.com

Now, I knew Pastore was a huge baseball fan. After all, he was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds from 1979 until 1985 and for the Minnesota Twins in 1986. In an e-mail response, I joked about whether or not liking the Yankees would get me cut from the next week's show.

"I'm not sure...I know you love baseball! Should I like the Yankees? Or is

that a liability to forming a relationship with you and the show?," I responded.

Pastore quickly quipped back, writing, "Well, like most God-fearing Americans, I love to hate the Yankees. :) Dude, you’re on the show, don’t worry about it."

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to speak further after my Oct. 24 appearance on the program.

The radio host is survived by his wife, Gina, and their two children.



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