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Baseball Star-Turned Theologian Exposes All You Need to Know About 'Free Will' (& Claims It Proves God's Existence)


"If you are just a brain, you cannot have free will."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher-turned conservative theologian Frank Pastore has quite a lot to say about the concept of free will. This week, the radio host and commentator teamed up with Prager University to release a new video exploring the concept. In the clip, entitled, "Do You Have Free Will?," Pastore uses logic about personal choices and the complexity of the human mind to make the case for the existence of a higher being.

"If you are just a brain, you cannot have free will," Pastore explains in the five-minute video course. "But if you're something more than your brain -- if you're the thing that has the brain -- then when I ask you, 'Where do you want to do to lunch?,' you're going to start deliberating...weighing various reasons to choose one place over another."

The Christian commentator's point is that human beings are in control; rather than operaring like drones, people enjoy the right to make choices in their everyday lives. In the clip, Pastore also took the opportunity to rail against materialists, those individuals who believe only in the existence of "physical matter."

"These materialists believe that we are no more than robots and that free will is an illusion [or] myth," he continued. "The moment they acknowledge that free will exists, that there really is an immaterial you beyond the physical realm, that there really is a mind -- not just a brain -- then there has to be something non-physical that accounts for our non-physical minds."

While he maintains that the decision to accept or reject God hinges upon each individual's free will, he concludes by stating that "there's a great mind that accounts for the origin" of each individual.

Watch the video, below:

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