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Hot Mic Catches Reporters Bad-Mouthing NRA Presser: 'They Basically Said It Was Everyone's Fault But Ours


A hot mic seemingly caught a group of reporters bad mouthing the National Rifle Association’s press conference on Friday while they waited for the daily State Department press briefing to begin.

"[The NRA] basically said it's everybody's fault but ours," one reporter said, adding that NRA Chair Wayne LaPierre failed to bring up assault weapons.

LaPierre told reporters on earlier on Friday that the "only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

The hot mic also caught a female reporter saying the Code Pink protesters who disrupted the press conference did a “really good job" of making signs big enough to hide the NRA chair's face, keeping it from being viewed by the cameras temporarily.

The group of reporters laughed when one said that the NRA chair was “probably packing” and that no one would be “stupid enough” to pull a gun during the event. An unknown reporter added that the security personnel at the press conference looked like WWF wrestlers and joked they probably hit one of the activists with a chair after they removed her from the room.

Listen to the conversation below:

Do you think the journalists were out of line?

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