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Re: Shouldn’t gun owners be OK having their addresses published in a newspaper?

In response to my earlier post on how gun permit carriers are being uncharacteristically shy about having their addresses published in a New York newspaper, a reader and former newsman emails:

Will the newspaper take responsibility for the possible home invasions that could now occur at these addresses by those who would like to get some guns at no cost and without the necessary identification checks?

Will the newspaper take responsibility for the possible protests, vandalism, or intimidation anti-gun advocates may decide to bring to these gun/home owners?

I'm not sure I see how this act can possibly go anywhere but wrong.  Including the very real possibility of one of these gun owners feeling the need to defend his or her home from any or all of the above who may wish do descend upon it.

This isn't a matter of public shaming as some commented on the newspaper's message boards. I don't know any gun owners who are ashamed to say they own one.  This is about the very safety of those gun owners who now must feel they must keep even greater watch over their homes and property to protect it from the crazies who hate guns and therefore gun owners or the criminals who want guns and aren't afraid to try and take them from those who have them and now are known targets with a map to their location. ...

As a former broadcast journalist, reporter, and news director, I'm appalled at the actions of those in today's media and the careless and thoughtless manner with which they wield the power of the medium they hold.

This was reckless and endangered innocent law-abiding people.

Am I the only one who sees it this way?

My post was addressing the sudden shyness of gun advocates in the media, not whether the paper was right or wrong in publishing their addresses. But a final point...: Vandalism, intimidation and home invasions happen every day, regardless of whether a newspaper publishes the addresses of gun permit carriers; besides, this is the type activity gun owners say they're warding off by simply owning a gun and making sure people know it.

As for whether the newspaper and its publisher were irresponsible in printing the addresses of gun owners, that's another matter.

Thanks to Doug for writing in.

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