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Atheists Get 'Soles': The Clever (and Vulgar) Way One Shoe Company Is Targeting the Godless
(Source: Atheistberlin.com)

Atheists Get 'Soles': The Clever (and Vulgar) Way One Shoe Company Is Targeting the Godless

"Ich bin Atheist"

If you don't like corny puns, then click away now. That's because a German shoe company has created a new pair of shoes targeting atheists. In other words, Atheists now have the chance to buy some soles.

Here are the latest shoes being marketed to the Godless by a company simply called "Atheist." The bottoms of the shoes include the phrase "Ich bin atheist," which in German translates to "I am an atheist":

Atheist shoes (Source: Atheistberlin.com)

(Source: Atheistberlin.com)

(Source: Atheistberlin.com)

"Is there anything more beautiful in life than the pure, sweet, wondrous innocence of an unblemished, open and untainted soul?" the company says on its site.

It then quickly adds some vulgarity:

Yes… the delightful process of getting that sole so [fu**ing] filthily dirty, and soiling its purity with so much titiliating sin and hedonistic whoredom that it can scarcely remember what colour it was to begin with.

This creamy, blank canvas of a handmade shoeling is resplendent in her off-white milky maidenhood… but not for long, the little nymph, for you will introduce her to the real world… blemishing and sullying her with every step you take.

You're about to make a grown-up of this shoe.

But the cream-colored shoe is only the latest in a line of non-deity footwear. There are plenty of other options available:

Just some of the other options available in the company's online store. (Source: Atheistberlin.com)

If you've never heard about this company and are wondering what it's all about, here's how it describes itself:

We are an incredulity of atheists, living in Berlin and furiously dedicating our days to not believing in god. Ok, that's not true; we barely ever think about god, let alone about being atheists.

But, when one of us had the peculiar idea to make a handmade ‘atheist shoe’, we thought that sounded rather endearing and fun.  And when the idea went gangbusters on reddit.com, we decided we had to roll up our sleeves and make the atheist shoe a reality.

The "about" section also includes sections titled "We don't believe in any God" and "Taking the God out of good."

The shoes sell for 129 Euro -- or about $170.

(H/T: Getaddictedto.com)

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