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WSJ is over the David Gregory gun scandal


Did NBC's David Gregory break D.C. law when he brandished a gun magazine in the face of the NRA's Wayne LaPierre on national television? Some say yes. The Wall Street Journal's editorial board says "it isn't clear." Either way, WSJ is over it:

This has created an uproar, with gun rights advocates calling for Mr. Gregory's indictment, if not yet the death penalty, and police acknowledging their probe. ...

So here we have a possible indictment that would be entirely nonsensical of a journalist who was trying to embarrass an NRA official over an ammunition ban whose impact would be entirely symbolic.

... It isn't clear that Mr. Gregory is guilty of anything other than perhaps overzealousness in pursuit of the conventional gun-control wisdom, which is not a crime unless we want to empty newsrooms and fill up jails from coast to coast.

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