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New Year resolutions from us


A look at the New Year Resolutions from some of us at TheBlaze:

"Personally: Actually complete a book in 2013. Lose 30 lbs. Professionally: See Congress actually accomplish something/both parties work together for the good of the people."-- Faith Editor Billy Hallowell. We wish him well in reaching his goal weight.

"Do a marathon where you run 26.2 miles. Hoping to do Chicago Oct. 2013 because it's a flat course. Why? Because I've run a couple half marathons and always said the people who do full marathons are crazy. I mean, people die when they do marathons sometimes. I decided to join the ranks of the crazies when I wasn't challenging myself enough anymore in running. There's something about running the half marathons that makes you start to think, I can probably do the full if I train. So, I've decided to do it. I draw the line at triathlons though -- that will never happen for me."-- Tech Editor Liz Klimas. Godspeed on your marathon. Don't die.

"Um. Work harder and run more. Haven't really thought about it. I don't like resolutions."-- Finance Editor Becket Adams, who we hope in 2013 resolves to become more willing to commit to resolutions.

"Say yes more often."-- Me.

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Thanks for sticking with us through a fantastic year. We hope you'll come back for 2013.

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