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Hilarious Vid Features Kids Catching Parents Sobbing After Seeing 'Les Misérables': 'I'm So Upset -- I Can't Talk About It\


"We've been to funerals and been less upset."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

One shouldn't go in to see "Les Misérables" expecting to leave a more joyful human being. Two movie goers recently left the theater inconsolable after seeing the movie remake of the Broadway play about the French Revolution.

The couple, filmed by their children on the car ride home, were the literal English translation of the movie's French title, meaning "the miserable ones.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The video, titled "My Parents' Reaction to the Les Misérables Movie," starts with Dad saying "I hear the first note, I start to cry." A choked up Mom agrees.

"But didn't he, wasn't it better than the play George?" Mom said.

Dad can't answer because he's quietly weeping up front, so Mom answers for him. "It was better than the play," she said.

"I was walking and I was crying," George said.

Upset that their children are snickering at them, Mom asks how they could laugh.

"I'm not laughing. I was sad too," one of them replies. It's hardly in a believable tone though. Glossing over that, the kid asks, what the saddest part was.

"At the end, his eyes. ...I'm so upset. Oh my God. I can't talk about it," Mom said.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Now, even George sees some of the humor in the situation.

"We've been to funerals and been less upset."

George saying they've seen people cry less at family member's funerals. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the parent's reaction for yourself:

The video posted by the YouTube user rf24music has more than 244,000 hits after being uploaded on December 28, just three days after it opened in theaters. It has also been reposted on the video-sharing site several times with some getting up to 44,000 hits. It has been making its way around websites nationwide and was even promoted by Ellen Degeneres and Good Morning America.

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