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MSNBC Host: GOP Refuses to Work With President Obama Because of 'Negrophobia


MSNBC strives to “reflect” its viewers’ world.

Georgetown University professor and MSNBC regular Michael Eric Dyson during a Tuesday broadcast of "Now With Alex Wagner" said that Republicans would continue to block and obstruct President Obama's agenda because of racism.

It can't be that they disagree with the president's policies. It can't be that they disagree with his political worldview. It can't be that they are simply responding to the will of their constituents.

“Never underestimate the visceral intensity or the poetic allure of negrophobia,” Dyson told the panel. “They are completely committed to that. That’s what Obama is facing.”

Watch the video via MSNBC/Mediaite below:

Outside of Bloomberg’s Josh Greene’s somewhat surprised reaction, the “negrophobia” comment went unchallenged.

Exit Question: MSNBC strives to “reflect” its viewers’ world, network president Phil Griffin said last week in an interview with Mediaite's Tommy Christopher.

Naturally, this would involve hiring and scheduling guests who, apparently, speak to the network’s audience.

But if people like prof. Dyson are brought in only to assert the supposed racism of the GOP, which is really all he does, then does this mean that MSNBC's audience is equally obsessed with racial issues?

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