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FreedomWorks Head Matt Kibbe Addresses GOP Division and Dick Armey's Recent Split on 'Real News


It's no secret that many Americans are frustrated with our lawmakers in Washington and their inability to get anything done without drawn-out, petty clashes that leave no one satisfied. Over the last four years we've gone from one showdown to another, from Cap-n-trade to health care reform to the debt crisis to fights over the Farm Bill to the Fiscal Cliff, and now a new debt ceiling showdown to start 2013.

The chaos, for better or worse, has weakened our political parties and their ability to bring members to a consensus, as well as given way to indulgences into the politically absurd. This week some are really debating whether minting a $1 trillion coin could be the answer to our problems.

On "Real News" Monday, the panel discussed this new era of "do-or-die politics," and if these constant last minute showdowns on Capitol Hill are producing any positive results. The panel was also joined by Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks to discuss the clash between new guard and old guard in the GOP, as well as the recent power struggles amongst Tea Party and conservative grassroots organizations, including the much publicized departure of Dick Armey from Kibbe's own organization.  

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