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Glenn Beck Wants to Change the Way You Look at Commercials and Advertisements


As the week unfolds with new components of Glenn Beck's American Dream Labs being revealed each night, Beck took Wednesday evening to delve into the pitfalls of traditional advertising and the negative impact it can have on viewers. With this in mind, Beck hopes to rework how advertising is both produced and consumed on TheBlaze.

With an understanding that advertising can be both an annoyance and intrusion, Beck also acknowledged the fact that small businesses, and small press both need advertising in order to survive  So, how does one address this conundrum?

"Why" and "community" are the two words Beck points to as his "compass points" in moving forward with his business.

In terms of advertising, Beck said that people need to address quality in production.

TiVos and DVRs are problematic in that people do skip over commercials. Given that commercials are the life-blood of the network, they treat them like the "ugly step child."

However, Beck said he understands that in order to build an entire network, the revenue is needed.

Beck then talked about his strategy for reinventing commercials. To illustrate, he drew on the famous couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. While many considered Ball the brains behind the dynamic duo (and she was in terms of comedic talent), according to Beck, Desi Arnaz knew how the television industry really worked. He was the first person to truly implement (not invent) the three-camera "Desi shoot" that is still used today in most production work.

Beck said he was hopes to start an entirely new department that focuses solely on producing in-house, high-quality commercials that viewers are actually interested in. Beck plans to implement a two-week long pilot of original commercial programming in March during the normally allocated advertising breaks to see how his audience likes the new model.

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