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Beck Segment on Alex Jones' Crying May Be the Funniest Radio Clip of 2013 (So Far)



Glenn Beck and his radio crew have self-admittedly been "milking Alex Jones in the news" this week after his wild interview on CNN, where he screamed at Piers Morgan about gun control and ranted about government conspiracies like a plot to give Americans "suicide mass murder pills."

During Thursday's radio show, Beck, along with his co-hosts Pat Gray and (executive producer) Stu Burguiere, couldn't resist playing (and mocking) some old audio of the radio host crying and spouting conspiracy theories about the "fluoride in the water" and "fat perverts" at the airport that grab children to train for the "pedophile government."

Burguiere was quick to point out that Beck wasn't really justified in making fun of a personality for crying, as he has been known to do so on several occasions. But that didn't stop them from laughing hysterically at Jones' over the top rantings.

Here's what Jones actually says in the clip:

"I just get flippant and angry but it's because deep down folks, I can see what they're doing and we have a responsibility to stop these globalists. Where are the men in this country? Where are the men in this world? What the hell have we become?"

"We just offer our children up to the system with the fluoride in the water and the GMO hurting them. And we let fat perverts grab them at the airport to train them for the pedophile government. And we've just got such a sick society."

Here's the video:

"OK, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is being sincere. But when he goes to, 'Oh my gosh, what do we do' and 'we give them up to the fluoride,'" Beck said, succumbing to laughter.

And despite the fact that his critics routinely mock him for crying and question whether or not he is sincere, Beck gave Jones the benefit of the doubt on the authenticity of his tears. But Jones' theories, according to Beck, are ridiculous.

"I'm not mocking him for feeling deeply, whatever, I'm not going to do that…but, wow," Beck concluded.

When they returned from break, Beck and crew couldn't help but replay the Jones clip and debate whether or not Jones' tears were in fact genuine.

"I believe he feels these things really deeply, I do," Pat Gray said, but added that he doesn't respect Jones because "to him anyone who doesn't think as he does is the enemy."

"And not only is the enemy, but they are participating in what he is fighting against," he added.

Beck later complained about not being able to control his crying. "I hate the fact that I can't control it," he said.

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