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You're Probably Mispronouncing These Words



Think you know your way around the English language? Even the best of us can stumble over the proper pronunciation of a word here and there. Mental Floss has highlighted 11 words we're particularly prone to get wrong.

Here are a few:


Let's put the kibosh, pronounced "KY-bosh," on saying this word like "kuh-BOSH."


This word sounds just like "controller." If you're tempted to pronounce that silent (pt), please comptroll yourself!


Maybe it's because it's one letter short of "cachet." Maybe it's just more fun to mispronounce. This words sounds just like "cash."


This word meaning "deception by trickery" is aptly tricky to pronounce. The beginning (ch) sound is "sh," as in "Chicago." The French pronounce the word "shih-connery," which makes it easy to remember the definition. However, Americans love a long (a) and tend to pronounce it "shih-cane-a-ree." Choose your own adventure.


You'll be the butt of the joke if you pronounce this "BAY-nul." It's "buh-NAHL."

Check out the rest at Mental Floss.

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