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B.S. of A.' Eavesdrops on a Blind Date With a Fiscally Liberal Senator -- And It's All Sorts of Funny


"Look at her all wanting to 'read the menu'"

(Photo: TheBlaze)

TheBlaze TV's weekly comedy show, "The B.S. of A." with Brian Sack, released a clip on Monday from its most recent broadcast titled "Quick Decisions."

The clip opens with Lauren Adams and Brian Sack sitting down at a nice restaurant for a blind date, laughing and joking about how they ended up there.

The two appear to know little about one another, but Adams catches that something's a bit "off" when her date orders them both food and wine without looking at the menu, or hearing more than one special from the waiter.

"Do you want to know how much it costs?" she asks.

"Mmm, not necessarily," Sack responds, making a face.

When Adams notes that she's not even sure what the options are, Sack laughs and remarks: "look at her all wanting to 'read the menu,'" as though, maybe, you'd need two lawyers and two days to get through it.

(Photo: TheBlaze)

"Where I work, we say, 'reading? please,'" Sack continues, telling his date he is a U.S. Senator.  "I love my job.  In fact, I took some work with me-- they handed this bill to me on the way out."

Sack then heaves a stack of thousands of pages on the table, whipping out a pen and arbitrarily signing.

"So, what does it say?" his date inquires.

"You know what?  I don't know," Sack says with an ingratiating smile, "but somewhere down here there is $20 million for my state to study the feasibility of delivering ​pizza​ with predator drones."

After Adams reads the title, "The Legalization of Arson Act of 2013" with horror, the two are interrupted by a disheveled young man who apologizes for interrupting his father's affair.

"Do you think I can have $30,000, like right now?" he asks Sack, smiling and saying "coke binge" with relish after his father makes him out a check for $50,000.

After Adams chastises Sack for all the poor decisions he's made in the last two minutes, the "senator" reaches across the table and asks, "will you marry me?"

Adams firmly declines the offer before the waiter returns to say that Sack's corporate card has been "extremely" declined.

"Ooh," Sack says with consternation. "Let me see if I can get my debt limit raised."

Watch the entire clip, below:

"The B.S. of A.” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on TheBlaze TV and Dish channel 212.  

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