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Hidden Camera Allegedly Shows Candid Comments by Husband of NY Paper Publisher: 'Get Them Back Down to One Bullet Magazines


"Because I hated guns."

A new hidden camera video by James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas group caught some allegedly candid comments by the apparent husband of the publisher behind the New York paper that printed the names of local pistol permit holders.

In the video, O'Keefe's group is posing as a newly formed organization called Citizens Against Senseless Violence. The group secretly films themselves as they go around to the homes of Journal News employees -- the paper that published the permit holders' names. They then ask them to place a sign saying "This home is proudly gun free" on their front lawn.

All the homes and residents refuse -- and the group is sometimes met by armed security or police. But when the group shows up at the home of what it says is publisher Janet Hasson, they are met by a man who says he is her husband. And that's when the video -- which is highly edited -- relays some of what he says.

"I moved to Canada," the man says before an edit and then adding, "Because I hated guns."

Still, he won't place the sign on his lawn but says he still will take one for a possible later date. But he also adds, "The issue is never gonna be guns. What the issue is is that you gotta get 'em back down to one bullet magazines."

He also points to armed security guarding his property because, he says, his wife has received death threats.  You can watch that section of the video below:

As for the rest of the video, you can watch that at the end of the story. However, we should point out two things.

First, TheBlaze does have reservations about undercover videos. In general, our philosophy has been that they -- as well as ambush journalism -- should be used only in extreme circumstances when one has exhausted all other options and all applicable recording laws should be followed.

Second, it's understandable that those affiliated with journalistic outlets would not want to post such signs. Those in the journalism business are encouraged not to affiliate themselves with interest groups, politicians, or the like. In fact, there are those organizations that forbid taking public stands on divisive issues. Placing the sign that O'Keefe's group is advocating for, then, would likely violate many newsroom practices.

With that said, here's the full video, which also features MSNBC host Toure and one man who actually is carrying a concealed weapon in his home* when the group shows up:

*​Editor's note: As the video notes, ironically the homeowner was misidentified by retaliatory bloggers who published names and addresses of Journal News employees.  ​He, in fact, is not a Journal News employee nor is his wife.


​This story has been updated.

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