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From Disney to Lincoln: 10 Cool Business Cards From the Rich, Famous, & Powerful


Business cards are an often unmentioned but necessary part of a person's professional life. They're great for introductions and they're an invaluable resource when it comes to networking. Also, if you’re a businessman, they act as handheld commercials.

Now we’re not alone in thinking these little cards are important.

Indeed, many rich, famous, and/or powerful people have used (or use) business cards. From Abraham Lincoln to Walt Disney, the benefit of exchanging contact information has been recognized by a variety of notable personalities.

Luckily for us, Emily Temple of Flavorwire and Alex Wain of So Bad So Good have hunted down some of the cooler calling cards out there.


1. Science fiction author Isaac Asimov:

2. Abraham Lincoln:

3. Albert Einstein:

4. Walt Disney:

5. The Wright Brothers:

6. Cartoon legend Chuck Jones:

7. Fidel Freakin' Castro!

8. Andy Warhol:

9. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama:

10. Bill Gates:

Click here for more historical business cards and click here for more modern-day cards.

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