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Limbaugh Mocks 'Fawning' Media's Love of Obama During Inauguration -- With a Special Rant Against Conservatives 'Jumping Ship


"You and I who are conservatives, we’re becoming more and more marginalized and isolated on a little island here..."

Rush Limbaugh (AP)

Radio host Rush Limbaugh returned from his long weekend Tuesday to give his take on President Obama's second inauguration.  More than the president himself, though, Limbaugh focused on the "fawning" left -- particularly the media -- and how they seem to revere Obama as a "cult figure."

But more troubling that that, he says, is the number of Republicans who are losing their resolve in forming any tangible alternative to the president.

Limbaugh explained:

"You wouldn't believe the number of conservative commentators who all of the sudden say, 'Hey, you know what? We're going to have to start backing off Obama...He's not really a bad guy.  He's not really a socialist Marxist.  He's just a Chicago thug, and you just have to look at him that way.  He doesn't really have bad designs on the country," Limbaugh said.  "Then Condoleezza Rice is out saying the GOP is doing this or that, making a mistake on immigration..."

“It became clear, folks, that you and I who are conservatives, we’re becoming more and more marginalized and isolated on a little island here, and it’s very small-- it's adrift out in the middle of nowhere, and we've got people jumping ship left and right...The number of us who exist as we are who are fearless in trying to explain exactly what's going on each and every day are dwindling in number-- in the media."

Powerful members of the media, though, seemed happier than they have been in "recorded history," Limbaugh said:

"There's no pretense these people are journalists anymore...Tom Foreman, a CNN, you heard of him? ...We've learned he has written a letter to Obama every day of the last four years-- love letters, 'Dear Santa Claus' letters.  Al Roker practically messed in his pants again yesterday when he got the first car-side interview with Obama in the inaugural parade.  It is unlike anything I have ever seen."

But why are they really so happy?  According to Limbaugh, this "is the culmination of all ​of their hard work."  The media feel "drunk with power and delirious with achievement" after seemingly eliminating any tangible opposition to the president or his agenda:

"They think it is over.  They think it's the end of the NRA.  It's the end of the pro-lifers.  It's the end of any viable, serious opposition to them on anything... And to the extent that there are still pockets of opposition, they feel confident they can take that out, too.  They see more and more conservatives caving, basically conceding, and walking away from any opposition.  It's amazing.  They are deliriously happy.  And it is the universe in which we find ourselves."

Listen to the entire explanation, in which Limbaugh jokes that the only people he would go "ga ga" over the way the media do with Obama would "maybe" be Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian, via The Daily Rushbo:



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