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This Is a 'Beast' of a Chicken Egg -- And You Won't Believe What Was Found Inside

This Is a 'Beast' of a Chicken Egg -- And You Won't Believe What Was Found Inside

"I can't believe it."

Why would a chicken egg evoke phrases like "oh my god" and  "shut up" from a grown man? It wasn't the egg's nearly 10-inch circumference and half a pound of weight. It was what was found inside the egg that was so surprising.

Sean Wilson posted a video showing what he calls a "beast" of an egg that he thinks could be the "biggest chicken egg in the world." In the video he implies the egg came from a chicken he owns.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

After showing off the size of the egg, he wants to figure out how many yolks are inside of it. Wilson taps the shell with a butter knife, and cracks it open into a frying pan.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

We don't want to ruin the surprise of what was inside, but we will tell you it's probably not what you might think. Watch the video find out (answer is posted after the video):

Although there was one yolk inside, bet you didn't expect to see another whole egg emerge. It was an egg within an egg.

He cracks the more normal size egg that resided inside the behemoth one and found it was perfectly normal -- only one yolk.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"I can't believe it," Wilson said of his "golden egg."

New Scientist addressed how this can happen a few years ago. Douglas Russell, a curator at the National History Museum in the U.K., explained that egg ends up getting pushed back up the oviduct in the wrong direction where it can be surrounded by another egg.

"A complete egg within a complete egg is a relatively rare occurrence," Russell said.

Watch New Scientist's video:

(H/T: Gawker)

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