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Anti-gun nuts' worst nightmare: Check out these REAL Hello Kitty guns


You've seen the story about the terrorist toddler who was ridiculously suspended for threatening to shoot a classmate with her bright pink Hello Kitty bubble gun...

Well, just for fun, I thought I'd track down some actual Hello Kitty guns... because they do exist.  And they are pink.  And cute.  And I kinda want one.

You got your basic Hello Kitty handgun, complete with a clip of Hello Kitty tipped bullets.  Available in reworked Sig Sauer & Colt models, too!

A Hello Kitty Keltec pistol?

Or an HK-47? (Get it?  HK?  Like AK?  No?  Ok, well, I thought it was clever.)

Alert Dianne Feinstein! There's even a Hello Kitty "assault rifle":

Who knew Hello Kitty was such a purveyor of arms sales?  All pics via Kitty Hell, a delightful website dedicated to chronicling all the ridiculous things tagged with Hello Kitty's famous face.

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