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This Has Got to Be the Worst Parallel Parking Job You've Ever Seen


"At least that car ended up finding a pretty good spot to park..."

(Photo: Screen Shot/YouTube)

Parallel parking is no easy task; even veteran drivers tend to avoid it if they can.  That's why, when faced with the prospect on an icy, uphill road, it might be better to circle the block once more.

Jalopnik describes a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday:

He's clearly aiming for a parallel parking spot down the street, but he just needs some room to get his bearings. So what if he rams into a wagon and a few other cars along the way? You gotta break some eggs to make an omelette and all that.

Luckily for us, the whole incident was caught on some kind of dash cam video, so we can observe his incredible driving skills for ourselves.

Step 1, white car speeds up an icy hill:

(Photo: Screen Shot/YouTube)

Step 2, white car careens down the hill in reverse, bumping into another vehicle on the way:

(Photo: Screen Shot/YouTube)

Step 3, white car continues to ricochet into other vehicles, sending off alarms in its rapid slide down the hill:

(Photo: Screen Shot/YouTube)

"At least that car ended up finding a pretty good spot to park..." the video's YouTube description optimistically reads.  "That's why you should put on winter tires!"

Watch the entire video, via Jalopnik, for the full effect:

(H/T: Jalopnik)



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