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Have You Seen the Clever Online Résumé Created to Look Like an Amazon.com Page?


"An Amaz-ing Resume."

(Image: PhilDub.com screenshot)

In tough economic times and in an increasingly competitive job market, having a résumé that stands out among the rest is of the utmost importance. If "Legally Blonde" taught us anything it's that a pink, scented résumé at least gets noticed. A French Web product manager has taken his résumé to the next level and the Internet is loving it.

Here's a screenshot to give you a brief look at why the online résumé is going viral, but be sure to check out Philippe Dubost's full page here.

(Image: PhilDub.com screenshot)

If you haven't noticed the similarities, Dubost's résumé (www.phildub.com) is modeled after an Amazon product page. Hence, it's play-on-words page title "An Amaz-ing Resume."

Dubost in his self sale describes his skills as being both in technical and management fields with five years in Web product development. He has an "entrepreneurial mindset" and is a "strong generalist" who speaks three languages (English, French and Spanish). The marathon runner whose fastest time was 3 hours 22 minutes received his undergrad and masters in management in France and an MBA from the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Here's more from Dubost's "product description":

For the past 6 years I've put my energy towards growing and enhancing meaningful web products and services.

I then went one step further when I created my own web company 2 years ago. What motivated me was the perspective of applying the different sets of professional & technical skills I had learnt so far to build a meaningful web product. APPARTINFO.com is the first local reviews guide on apartments and neighborhoods in France, and it has been a very rewarding adventure so far.

I enjoy traveling and working in multicultural environments, as I have in the past in the US, Mexico and France.

Dubost's references are included in the star rating section. Naturally, he has received a majority of five star ratings but there are enough one star ratings to raise a few eyebrows. Dubost explained joking on Twitter that this must be ex-girlfriends.

On Twitter, Dubost sheds more light on the creation of his viral résumé. It only took him about two days to complete and he continues to add some new information occasionally. The Independent in the U.K. caught up with Dubost for more details about why he chose an unconventional tactic to market himself:

He said he opted for the Amazon page because he was a "pathological Amazon addict", and "I wanted to do something fun. Résumés are not fun. They're not fun to write, not fun to read." He added: "I thought it would be fun to build a small web product that would feel a little bit like a game you could interact with, like those baby toys where every button you push makes a different noise."

For those looking to hire Dubost, they're in luck. He "ships" anywhere in the world. So, has Dubost received any nibbles from interested employers? The Independent reported Dubost saying he received at least 100 emails from potential employers.

"So many awesome companies, projects, entrepreneurs, I'm starting to feel like a spoilt kid with too many toys," Dubost told the Independent. "And yes, among those, there are indeed a few opportunities that match what I'm looking for and that I'm going to pursue."

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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