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Have You Seen the Video of the Surfer Who May Have Broken the Record for Riding the Tallest Wave?


Earlier this week, extreme surfer Garrett McNamara was riding waves off the coast of Portugal in his quest to beat his own record for largest wave surfed -- and he thinks he did.

McNamara claims to have conquered a stunning, 100-foot wave, which would put him well above his previous record of 78 feet.

Verifying whether McNamara actually caught such a monstrous wave is rather difficult though. The Boston Globe pointed out McNamara's official record of 78 feet was first reported to be 90 feet high. It took some time before his record was officially announced.

Watch this footage taken by Tobias Ilsanker of McNamara in Nazaré on Monday:

Here are more photos of McNamara from his time in Nazaré:



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