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American Idol Hopeful Gives Agonizing Rendition of National Anthem, Forgets Words, Praises Obama -- Gets Through to Next Round


"I had a bet with my family, if Obama won, I was going to sing the National Anthem."


Zoanette Johnson (FOX)

Auditioning for the upcoming season of American Idol in Oklahoma City, 19-year-old Zoanette Johnson gave a very unique rendition of the Nation Anthem. She experimented with an odd musical arrangement, struggled with high notes and ultimately forgot some of the words to the song.

To put it another way, when she hit the famous "free" note, host Keith Urban fell out of his chair.

Despite all of that, Zoanette is still going to Hollywood. That's right, the judges decided to send her through to the next round anyway.

While many will speculate how in the world she didn't get four "no" votes, perhaps it was all the heavy praise for President Barack Obama that softened the judges.

"I had a bet with my family, if Obama won, I was going to sing the National Anthem," she said before her audition.

Then the president came up again following her outlandish performance.

"Obama, if you watching this and you don't invite me to the White House," she said. "He better invite me to the White House, shoot. He needs another Barbie in there."

Then she started dancing wildly for about the third time.

Watch and decide for yourself. Did she perform well enough to make it through to the next round?

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