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I Was a Victim of Violent Crime: Immigrant Behind Viral Testimony Explains Why He's Pro-Gun


"I do not want those rights, and the freedoms that come with the rights, eroded in my adopted country."

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Henson Ong, who testified this week in defense of the Second Amendment, told TheBlaze his pro-gun ownership views came from a violent attack he and his family suffered in their native Philippines. (Image source: YouTube)

Henson Ong, the Connecticut resident and legal immigrant whose passionate defense of the Second Amendment drew applause at a legislative hearing this week, said his pro-gun ownership views were cemented after he and his family were the victims of violent crime in their native land.

Ong, of Waterbury, Conn., said he and his family immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines 13 years ago. He declined to provide many personal details, including his age, but told TheBlaze in a telephone interview it was that crime that prompted their move to the U.S.

"As a personal victim of violent crime, I can say that appeasement to criminals and disarming the innocent is not the solution," Ong told TheBlaze. "If a violent criminal were to attack you and your family, the only answer, the only logical answer, is to defend oneself and eliminate the threat. That doesn't necessarily mean killing, but it means stop the threat as quickly as possible."

He added, "I do not want those rights, and the freedoms that come with the rights, eroded in my adopted country."

Ong said he felt compelled to testify at the hearing amid nationwide calls for more gun control following the Newtown, Conn. elementary school massacre last month.

"What is the point of gun control? The common factor of all violence in society is the violent individual," Ong said. "If the violent individual was not there you could have an arsenal and the arsenal would have harmed nobody."

He said the Newtown tragedy has been hijacked by people driven by an agenda to restrict gun ownership.

"I believe much of this overreaction is illogical and irrational," Ong said. "It is all emotion-based, and it is fanned by people who have an agenda, who have been waiting for an opportunity such as this."

Ong said the enthusiastic response he got from the audience was an "encouraging" sign that "there is more support for freedom against the statist agenda of the current administration."

"A disarmed population is subject to being victimized by their own government, and by those criminal elements who unfortunately as time goes on becomes part of the government, either directly or indirectly," he said, referring to government corruption.

"If the population is disarmed, we are helpless. And if the Second Amendment rights are taken away, how long before the First Amendment rights are taken away? How do you enforce the taking away for the Second Amendment without violating the Fourth Amendment?" he asked. "This is a stand that must not fall."

You can watch his initial statement that went viral here.

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