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Gun Control Advocate to S.E. Cupp in June: 'Nobody Says We Have to Ban Guns' -- Now: 'Limit the Availability...


"Show me one word..."



Back in June, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said on MSNBC, "nobody says we have to ban guns."

Fast-forward seven months, when the Brady Campaign released a set of policy recommendations after the Newtown, Conn. massacre that specifically included a call to "limit the availability of military-style weapons."

Brady Campaign President Dan Gross made that first comment during a heated exchange with TheBlaze's S.E. Cupp on June 14, who had said: "After a big shooting like Gabby Giffords or Trayvon Martin, there is huge hysteria and paranoia about guns and 'we have to ban guns.'"

"No! Nobody says we have to ban guns," Gross replied. "Show me one word that's ever come out of my mouth or the mouth of the Brady Campaign."

That day apparently came Jan. 11, with the Brady Campaign's policy recommendations to the White House.

"The obvious irony here is that when it comes to gun control it's always the same, the message is always, 'no one wants to take your guns away,' the message is always, 'the paranoid gun nuts are overreacting,'" Cupp told TheBlaze Friday. "Where are we? We're talking about an assault weapons ban. Dianne Feinstein's actually proposed one. It's not like these things are imagined or happening in our heads. These are actual realities and it doesn't even take that long to see them come to fruition. I mean, that clip was just last year."

A representative from the Brady Campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

The June appearance had been to discuss pending legislation in New York over gun micro-stamping, mandating tiny identifiable markings be engraved on shell casings.

Cupp said there's a reason why gun owners "always seem very defensive" over such "seemingly innocuous legislation."

"The things everyone considers quote-unquote 'reasonable,' this is all part of the slow creep into our rights as gun owners," she said. "There are 20,000 laws on the books about guns, and this is a right that's protected in the Constitution, so yeah, we're on a hair-trigger, yeah we're a little defensive."

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