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16 of the Best Pictures From Inside the Super Bowl Stadium After the Power Went Out


When we spoke with event production experts for some pre-game insights to the behind-the-scenes workings of the Super Bowl and its halftime events, they spoke of preparing for "worst-case scenarios." The power outage that caused a game delay Sunday would fall into this category.

While the Superdome's energy provider and stadium management in New Orleans are still trying to determine what caused the 34-minute outage, here's a look at some of the scene you might not have gotten on your television screen:

Officials have said the outage does not appear to be related to work done on the stadium's electrical system in December. Entergy and the company that manages the Superdome, SMG, said Sunday that an "abnormality" occurred where stadium equipment intersects with an Entergy electric feed, causing a breaker to create the outage. It remained unclear Monday exactly what the abnormality was or why it occurred, especially because the stadium was drawing less power than it typically would for a New Orleans Saints game.

There are theories though. Some speculated Beyonce's show took up too much juice and resulted in the power outage -- and a bit more jokingly that the singer's own fierceness (or maybe her supposed connections with the Illuminati) was the cause. But Doug Thornton, manager of the Superdome, said there is no evidence that the halftime show had anything to do with the outage, which struck early in the third quarter. He said the show used its own dedicated generator and wasn't using the Superdome's power supply.

The Guardian pulled together other conspiracy theories as to what might have caused the outage including, 49er fans, upset Saints fans, the fictional character Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises," and even CBS wanting more air time for commercials.

Watch this local report with fans' reactions to the outage:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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