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Farrakhan Accuses U.S. Gov't of Plot to Kill Billions Using Eugenics, Planned Parenthood and the AIDS Virus: 'It Was Concentrated in the Black Community


"Could this be why, in Africa, AIDS is slaughtering black men and women by the tens of thousands?"

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: YouTube)

In the fourth installment of his 52-week sermon series, "The Time and What Must Be Done," the Minister Louis Farrakhan accused former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger of implementing a plan to kill two to three billion people across the globe. The controversial Nation of Islam leader questioned whether AIDS was one of the chosen tools used and he warned Mexicans and other minorities that they, too, could soon fall victim to eugenics at the hands of the U.S. government.

Farrakhan described a plot that he claims was implemented -- one that allegedly had dire consequences for black people across the globe, noting that scarce resources and the quest for U.S. dominion likely led to the sinister attempt at population reduction.

"Under Kissinger a plan was hatched that two to three billion people on our planet would have to be [killed]," Farrakhan proclaimed in his weekly address. "But the people that Kissinger -- and the U.S. government agreed with Mr. Kissinger -- these people who would be killed would be in the Third World. But since this culling has many third world people in industrialized countries, in would start as well in the industrialized countries."

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: YouTube)

From there, Farrakhan became more specific, asking some odd questions and waging pointed accusations at the U.S. government:

"Could this be why, in Africa, AIDS is slaughtering black men and women by the tens of thousands, particularly in those areas where the mineral resources of that area is necessary to keep America in power in this 21st century? Could it be that this is why black women in America are said to be the number one carrier of the [AIDS] virus? Could this be that 30 years ago when the birthrate of blacks was outstripping the birthrate of whites -- so much so that demographers said by 2050 blacks would either be equal to the population of whites or greater than their population -- and they didn't stand still on those figures? They went to work with eugenics and Planned Parenthood and pills that aborted children. And it was concentrated in the black community. At that time, the Hispanics were not the ones that were the majority of the minority populations. It was the blacks."

Farrakhan next warned that "the same genocidal thoughts" will next come against Mexicans and other minorities in America. His claims of murderous intent then moved from the U.S. government to "white supremacists," whom he said "cannot abide that this country that was made by white people for white people will now be in the hands of brown people." These people, he claims, have been particularly agitated that an African American, President Barack Obama, is inhabiting the White House.

Watch Farrakhan explain his theories, below:



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