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Have You Seen the Huggies Commercial That Appears to Be Pro-Life? But There's a Catch


"There's a human being growing inside your stomach."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

There's a Huggies commercial that is capturing the attention -- and support -- of pro-lifers who find its general message inspiring. In the clip a woman finds out she is pregnant and is instantly exuberant. She calls her husband to come inside the house and shares the news.

"Honey, we're pregnant. We're pregnant!," she yells.

Her husband, clearly over-the-moon, showcases his excitement as well, offering up some fascinating words about the unborn -- buzzwords that would appeal to any pro-lifer.

"You're going to be a mom...there's a little baby in there," the husband proclaims." There's a human being growing inside your stomach."

It didn't take long for outlets that take a stand against abortion to speak out. LifeNews's Ellie Saul expressed her initial reaction upon seeing the 28-second spot:

When I saw it I was so encouraged! Yes! She has a life, a human life growing inside of her. A human being from conception to the first positive test, to the first heart beat, to the first breath. My heart was encouraged because it appears a national brand is advocating life! A national brand is presenting to you America, a human being. This is not a blob, not unviable cells; this is a human being in the womb.

Photo Credit: YouTube

But while Saul was initially encouraged by the ad, she noted alleged connections between Huggies' parent company, Kimberly-Clark, and an organization that was founded, in part, by Planned Parenthood. She continues:

I thought that since Huggies acknowledged life in the womb they might advocate preserving life at every stage. I wanted to do all I could to promote them and this message, so I began to research them. What I found was startling. Huggies is a brand of Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark partners with Girls for a Change which was partially founded by Planned Parenthood.

The same mouth that acknowledges life advocates killing it in the name of choice and “girl power.”

Regardless of the company's potential allegiances, the spot, itself, is interesting and does seem to strike a pro-life tone.

You can watch it, below:

What do you think about the ad? Let us know in the comments section.

(H/T: LifeNews.com)

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