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Watch Hysterical Mock Ad for Online Dating Site Exclusively for Members of Westboro Baptist Church


"WestboroMingle.com: Where hate and love come together"



If you are aware of the Westboro Baptist Church and its hateful teachings, then this comedy sketch about "Westboro Mingle" -- the online dating site where "hate and love come together" -- will crack you up.

The hysterical video was posted on YouTube by Brooklyn-based sketch comedy show The Shorts Show on Jan. 31 and currently has more than 30,000 views.

In the video, a lovestruck couple talks passionately about how "WestboroMingle.com" helped them find each other.

"For me, Westboro Mingle is this vehicle that God did use to put my wife and I together. And that for me is a very powerful, powerful thing," the husband says.

"Powerful. Like a bomb. Like a nuclear bomb," his wife replies.

"Yeah, like a bomb that just blows everything up," he agrees.

"Kills everyone," the woman adds.

The "wife" also talks about how happy she was to find someone who hates everything that she hates.

"Blacks, gays, Jews, Mexicans, Jamaicans. Anything West of America," her husband says, as she nods in agreement. What else do they hate? The list includes: "music, dancing, vacations, dinosaurs, space travel, modern art, books."

"WestboroMingle.com: Where hate and love come together," the mock ad concludes.

Watch the video via TheShortsShow.com (Warning: Some offensive language)



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