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A Congressman Actually Fired His Spokesman Over This Embarrassing Tweet


"Me likey..."

The Twitter logo. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) actually fired spokesman Phil Hardy this week over an extremely awkward tweet was posted on the congressman's official Twitter account during the Super Bowl.

"Me likey Broke Girls," the tweet read. The message was reportedly posted shortly after a risqué commercial for the CBS sitcom "2 Broke Girls," in which the show's two female stars danced around a stripper pole.


Yeah, awkward. It was deleted just 14 seconds later, however, the Internet never forgets.

Apparently, Hardy intended to send the tweet from his own account but got mixed up.


Labrador's office apologized for the tweet, but the congressman decided to take further action and fire Hardy on Monday.

“That’s Raul’s call...I did not make the decision," Jake Ball, Labrador's district director, explained.


(H/T: Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed)

Featured image via AFP/Getty

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